TIM Defender of the Earth
TIM Defender of the Earth - By Sam Enthoven.


Here are some links to some (vaguely!) Tim-related things...

USUAL DISCLAIMER: As with much of the rest of the internet, these sites may possibly contain the occasional rude word/ thing/ picture that might shock those liable to be shocked. Though I've chosen these links carefully, that's not my fault. Besides, it's nothing you can't handle.

-First up, here's my homepage: www.samenthoven.com . It's the central hub of my sinister ever-evolving internet empire, BWAHAHAHAHA! erm, sorry. There you'll find direct links to all the places on the web where I maintain a lurking presence. If you've got a profile or page on any of those sites yourself feel free to add me, send me messages (I try to check all the pages once a day) or simply take a look to see what I'm up to.

-Next, my LibraryThing Profile. You liked Tim and Black Tat? You'd like some ideas about what to read next? Here, I humbly submit, might be a good place to start! ;p On the wonderful site LibraryThing I have put together a list of FIVE HUNDRED FINE BOOKS things that I've read and love that perhaps you might like, too. The list is constantly being tweaked and updated, and it's a mish-mash of all sorts: novels, comics, biography, history, photography, art, science, whatever. It's a personal selection of favourite things, with no artificial separations by subject matter or (woo!) so-called 'age appropriateness' the only criterion is, "Do I think it's fantastic?" The widget at the side of this page will pick something out for you at random, but on the profile page there are a bunch of different ways into the list reviews, author cloud, etc [isn't LibraryThing awesome?] as well, of course, as a link to the list itself. It's also another place where you can leave messages for me if you like. Be my guest! :)

-My ContactAnAuthor Page. Interested in me coming to talk at your school, bookshop or local library? I LOVE doing events and visits, and right now I'm looking to do as many as I possibly can! If you're a teacher, librarian or bookseller based in the UK, check out my page at ContactAnAuthor here. As well as pics and a YouTube clip of me in action (with slightly more hair!!) there's a special email address: further details are available on request. And of course, if you're reading this and you're not a teacher, librarian, or bookseller, but you'd still like to see and hear me come and do my stuff near you, then please ask your nearest teacher, librarian or bookseller to take a look at that page, too! ;)

-Laughing Squid. Full of interesting stuff. If the Kraken read blogs, I bet this is one he'd like. ;)

-Dinosaur Comics. As you'll see from the pic below, Ryan North's T-Rex (though he's rather more sophisticated!) was a huge influence on Tim. I've been a fan for what must be three years now and, IMHO, it's consistently one of the funniest things on the whole damn Web. Enjoy!

it is a purposely inauspicious start