TIM Defender of the Earth
TIM Defender of the Earth - By Sam Enthoven.

Reader Art

This below is a display of giant monster artwork, as put together by students at Alcester Grammar School when I visited there in April 2008.

Alcaster Monster Art

My hasty photo does no justice to the glory of these monsterpieces. Can you make out that green dude with the manga-style hair? And look at that one top right of Tim asleep as he appears in chapter one - fantastic!!

Amersham Monster Art

Aren’t these spectacular?? This fantastic display of Tim and Black Tat art was created especially by Year 8 students for my visit to Amersham School, Buckinghamshire in April '09. Their work was photographed for the local paper and even went up for the world to wonder at in the window of the Amersham branch of Waterstone’s.

Check out these stunning bookmarks created by students at Market Bosworth High School for my visit there in Feb 2010

Amersham Monster Art

The two on the left are by Laura-Anne, the middle two are by Ross, and the two on the right are by April and Josh. I am honoured and thrilled that my books were the impetus for such stylish and spirited work.

Well, here (along the lines of this one for Black Tat) is a special Tim Reader Art Page. If the book has inspired you to create some giant monster artwork of your own, and you fancy seeing it displayed here for the amazement and edification of all, then simply scan it into a computer and send it to the following email address: pics (@) timdefenderoftheearth (dot) com

The WebSphinx and I can hardly wait to hear from you!