TIM Defender of the Earth
TIM Defender of the Earth - By Sam Enthoven.

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Forget your Dark Materials, Eragons and Narnias. If ever a children's book deserves to be given the big-screen treatment, this is it. Just imagine slipping into your cinema seat to watch a colossal dinosaur (the eponymous Tim - Tyrannosaur: Improved Model) ripping Big Ben from its foundations before lobbing it at its foe, a scientist whose use of nanotechnology has resulted in him becoming an Earth-destroying monster. Then picture said bad guy picking up the London Eye and slamming it over Tim's scaly head. Michael Bay, are you reading this? Sam Enthoven’s action-packed book tells the story of Tim and the two children who get caught up in his unintentional carnage (the big lug is a sweetie at heart, y'see.) Enthoven writes with charm and humour, while Tim is as loveable as any London-smashing behemoth can be. It's a stupendous - and thoroughly British - read, but would look even better on screen. Anyone fancy whipping up a screenplay? Go on. It'd kick Transformers’ ass

Four and a half stars out of five, Jayne Nelson, SFX Magazine

For anyone who has ever thrilled to the sight of gigantic creatures battling it out on the big screen – King Kong, T. rex, Godzilla, Gamera – here comes TIM, short for Tyrannosaur: Improved Model! Tim, a made-to-order superweapon modeled after T. rex but much, much larger, was created in a lab far beneath London’s Trafalgar Square. When funding for the project is redirected by Britain’s new prime minister, Tim is scheduled for execution. Fortunately for London and the rest of the world, he escapes his fate just in time to fight off a misguided scientist and his terrifying plot to take over the world using nanobots. Enthoven has created two of the most unlikely heroes ever in Tim and his sidekick, Chris, a 14-year-old who desperately wants to be cool and sophisticated, yet finds himself tied to Tim through an odd bracelet given to him by a mysterious woman during a class trip to the museum. Both characters are reluctantly resolute, neither is very bright, but together they just may save the world. This fun, action-driven, science fiction tale will be snapped up by restless boys who can never find books written just for them.

Jane Henriksen Baird, Anchorage Public Library, AK, School Library Journal

With battle scenes like the old King Kong vs. Godzilla movies, TIM provides heartstopping action and an incredibly entertaining storyline. The lesson of selflessness and friendship runs throughout the story and makes it clear that sometimes you have to think of others in order to have a life worth living.

Karin's Book Nook

This is an irresistible page turner full of tension yet leavened with touches of humour which will appeal to older children and teenage readers - especially boys. Well written, well plotted; it is a book that should not be missed.


A Jurassic lark!

Death Ray Magazine

I was hooked from the first page! For fans of Michael Crichton, TIM, DEFENDER OF EARTH will not disappoint. The action is fast, the science fantastic, and the mounting tension almost too much to bear. I'll definitely be recommending it to others. FIVE STARS.


FANTASTIC… It's like 'reading' a blockbuster action movie..

Chantel Sulaiman, Waterstone's, Chiswick

If you don't like books with action-packed chapters with big scary monsters wrecking national monuments and giant cockroaches killing people, you will not like this book. I loved it..

Finn, 12, The Big Green Bookshop

If we’re talking about kids who are reluctant to read because of lack of interest (‘what’s the point, books are boring’), an exciting, well-told story is exactly what they need. Tim, Defender of the Earth is hugely satisfying.

Kate Paice, Barrington Stoke

TIM is a fantastic novel. Sam Enthoven has written a fast-paced, action-packed thriller with great characters that meant I genuinely wanted a happy ending. The author however keeps the reader and the world on the brink of Armageddon right up to the very last pages. A highly recommended read for readers aged 12+.

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Early buzz from the www.waterstones.com discussion board:
'I knew it was going to be good after enjoying The Black Tattoo but I never imagined it would be better, the imagery is fantastic and I think this book is great for 8-12's and young adults, a great one for advanced readers as well as it doesn't contain any unsuitable content! GO TIM!!'

''BRILLIANT! This book has everything you can want from a wacky and highly entertaining novel. I love Sam Enthoven's imagination. This will keep you reading and on the edge of your seat.' [Five Stars]

Tina Everitt, Waterstones.com

Praise for Sam's first book, The Black Tattoo

'If all books were this good, I bet more kids would be reading'

Mark, 12

'Sam Enthoven is clearly loving telling this story and his energy creeps into the words on every page.'

Philip Ardagh, The Guardian

'Imagine a literary world where Philip Pullman meets Darren Shan'

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'I think Sam could be the next Anthony Horowitz'

Charlie, 11